Friday, December 11, 2015

Oscar de la Renta Prefall 2016

Having seen the images from the presentation and now the look book, it is apparent to me that this is how one assembles a collection. Amazingly simple as it seems there are so few who have any concept of how to do this meaning there are day clothes, cocktail clothes and evening clothes and they all look like they come from the same designer. Some will say it is boring,  some will say it is old fashioned but none can say it doesn’t sell and that my friends is what the business of fashion is all about. Contrary to what too may think,  it is not hype that translates to sales but it is great design, staying true to your DNA, if you know what that is, and well, actually knowing who your client is and offering them what they didn’t even know they had to have... to paraphrase the late great Diana Vreeland.

Peter Copping is doing a masterful job by deliberately and purposefully massaging the Oscar De La Renta DNA while infusing it with his imprimatur and for that alone he deserves 5 stars. The collection is beautifully rendered and in keeping with the brand’s image and history. With very few missteps this is a beautiful collection that exhibits what pre-fall was and should be all about and that is salable clothes and not to set the world on fire.

Okay, so if I had any complaints … It would be that were several pieces which looked to be a bit short waisted and a few of that below the knee length which is not a good look and that’s it... well not quite ... the look book photos might have been styled a bit more polished so the model didn’t look so dishabille ... All of them minor and all of these my personal peeves.

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