Sunday, December 13, 2015

Why Don't You? Christmas 2015

This series is dedicated to Diana Vreeland and how she came to the world’s attention followed by eternal admiration.  While the suggestions might not be as outrageous or imaginative, these articles will have one unified theme and that is the gift giving season of 2015.

Today it is about finding that special something for someone. You can opt for fashion jewelry, fine jewelry, apparel or a fashion accessory of the season. Colleagues and resources from around the world have sent me their ideas of what would make a great gift for a friend, a dear one or even yourself. The selections cover a multitude of categories and budgets that allow for the most fashionable gifts for men and women.  All of them are accessible online, at brick and mortar establishments or by phone so shop on!

With the Festival of Lights (Chanukah) an almost memory and Christmas just around the corner, let the games begin and my question to you is “Why don’t you?”

Why don’t you select an excruciatingly fabulous treasure from fine jewelry designer Cynthia Wolff. She is the jewelry designer to the stars but keeps their identities concealed due to her integrity and lack of desire to capitalize off their names. She does the most incredible traditional pieces as well as some of the most delicious and decadently fashionable pieces so you better get a hold of her ASAP and see what she can do for you. Oh, and you can find her at or find her on Facebook.

Why don’t you hurry on down to Club Monaco and select some really groovy new threads for every day wear or even for holiday occasions? My dears, the stores are just brimming with fabulousness for almost anyone on your gift giving list. Now kids, you do know that Club Monaco is owned by Ralph Lauren so you are assured or fab pieces for your every need and desire. Anyway grab your coat and wallet and head on over to your local branch or shop online at

Why don’t you take an adventure and give the most fantastical and whimsical piece of fashion jewelry to a loved one? Of course we are talking of Moutton Collet, yes them, the duo who has been commissioned by the likes of Gaga, Mugler, Kenzo, Nina Ricci, Margiela and so many more and now you can bestow a piece of grandiosity that has been bathed in 24k gold or maybe even one made of sterling silver or leather. Maybe, just maybe you can get your hands on one of their one off pieces such as masks and even hats, but you will have to be lucky and very adventurous. Find the boys at

And one last thing my cherished ones, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always give the gift of a fashion read which lasts far beyond just the season of giving so Why don’t you buy the best of best here for half the bookstore price at  from seller jeffyb50?

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