Thursday, March 3, 2016

Balmain & Chloé PFW fall 2016

Total number of  Instagram users ….. 182,500,000

Age group audience  18-29 …..28%

Cell phone users(18-29-year-old)  report using Instagram 43%

Income over 75k annually …. 12%

70% of users come from outside the U.S.,

Instagram is considered the most important social network by more American teens (at 32%) than any other network

In this age of Instagram when so many believe that likes are indicative of success, the above statistics may of course be true but surely not when it comes to the upper echelons of fashion.. enter Balmain and Chloé! They both seem to be far more suited to bridge rather than designer. Likes and hype do not insure anything other than hopefully brand recognition and in no way do these supposed attributes guarantee sales or that your target audience has been reached.

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According to what I see, it is very hard to believe that these brands believe that their success is based on their Instagram followers… do the math ... read it!

With that being said Balmain, of which I have been a reasonably loyal fan has now become a caricature of itself and surely has made me believe that its future is in H&M and not at the top of the ladder. It is too much  been there done that and it’s time to move on, so called supermodels may insure your “likes” but they aint selling clothes to the audience who can afford then unless of course as said we revert to H&M. BTW. Time to evolve. It is like an LP with a scratch that keeps skipping … ask someone old enough re know what an actual record is! PS.. the padded hips .. Gauthier did them almost 30 years ago !

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As for Chloé, it is hard or nearly impossible to believe that another hippie fest is the answer to the brand’s longevity. The same can be said of how many handbags can you sell to justify the ad budgets and show costs. This brand hasn’t had the true luster it once achieved with Kaiser Karl and Gaby Aghion its founder. Granted it has recast itself as a brand for young women who are supposedly fashionable and yet the clothes defy the concept. For me, apparently it is more about an “it” bag than it is about apparel. Luckily, Richemont is not dependent on the brand to make  jillions as long as it doesn’t drag down their bottom line. PS ... ya know Claire ... sure looks like you love The Row… just saying

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