Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Maison Margiela PFW fall 2016

And so today begins the seasonal fawning ala Parisienne with the first of the so called block buster shows…  Maison Margiela. Many in fashion suffer from this nostalgic idea that Galliano is a victim and he has suffered beyond what he should have but alas he now transmits his pain by passing it on to us in the form of Maison Margiela. Yeah yeah I know I’m gonna take some flak over it but it’s about time to say he has either lost it or needs to move on cause this aint the solution.

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Take away all the tricky styling and piling on everything imaginable and what do you have there? To me it sure reminds me of Vivienne Westwood or some drug induced frenzy of a nightmare. The absolute wizardry and magic that he had achieved at Dior has left the building and to constantly try to say it hasn’t is really just plain heresy to both designer and Dior. Can you honestly say that anyone needs John Galliano for another military coat or a blazer? Do you believe that Dior and Galliano were a once in a lifetime moment that will never be repeated? Or is Maison Margiela just a reflection of the chaotic times in fashion and the world where not only is there no trend is the trend but that no trend also means just plain fugly being passed off as the next wave.

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Instead of addressing all the peripheral crap like venue and front rows and bullshit inspirations, why doesn’t anyone talk about where you will wear these clothes and that the clothes are extravagantly expensive and for the most part is nothing more than a spectator sport? Yes, the world has changed and none of us dress as we used to except for most of the millennials who know no better and think they actually know about fashion when in fact their fashion background is H&M and what happened 30 minutes ago…. But I digress…

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Back to Margiela which when broken down is a pile of who cares and as said before just a lot of stuff piled on to the point of what she couldn’t wear she carried. No matter the “inspirations” and press release crap, who is wearing off the shoulder organza ruffles emanating from a coat... yeah really! Who? Hasn’t the time come to speak up and say this has absolutely nothing to do with reality, nothing to do with anyone’s lifestyle and  even less to do with that little thing called good taste.

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Hasn’t the time come for those who have a voice to actually speak the truth… and not spin fairy tales about the emperor’s new clothes? Is it any wonder that print has died , when these days even the so called 5 pages editorials that inhabit what were once fashion magazines, all feature the same pieces all with the “price upon request” tag line. Is it any wonder that the retail business is in the doldrums when there is nothing to sell to those who still have any taste and any degree of sanity?

Case in point... Maison Margiela

PS .. what’s with the aprons and the Hedi jewel encrusted bomber??

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