Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Haider Ackermann FALL 218 MENS

When Ackermann started not so long ago I was thoroughly enraptured by what he was doing… there was this lush layering ... these exquisite color combinations and a sort of sprezzatura and manly sexiness that was surely out of the ordinary for a French collection. Yes, it was always about the tailoring but there was also this amazing softness but with an edge … if that makes any sense.
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Then came the hype, then came the trend chasing and now there are only traces and a sort of mutated DNA that doesn’t quite come across the same way. Some may say evolved but I say that the collection, while still somewhat beautiful, has sacrificed its original DNA to excessive styling and what’s hot and almost looks as if it’s trying too hard to be cool
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I honestly believe this guy has way more than he is putting out there as well as an abundance of talent that is missing from so many of this new so called breed of designer. 
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Like it yes, love it, no... Disenchanted … yes!

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