Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Palomo Spain..... Bonjour Paris ...

c'est drôle ou est-ce?

Fey: quaintly unconventional: campy or did I hear gay
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So it’s sort of Velasquez meets Oscar Wilde meets Gainsborough meets drag.
Paris is off and  running with the costume ball to end all balls or was that this guy has balls to show clothes, and I use the term loosely, that look like this. I will say that the clothes or whatever … costumes … are steeped in history and yes in fact were actually designed … these are surely not the cookie cutter looks we have seen time and time again on runways around the world. 
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The narrative here is inconsequential because who cares since these clothes or whatever they might be  are not made to be worn in any way that resembles salable real life clothes so whatever the blah blah blah is  and I say  yeah yeah yeah whatever.
At any rate this is a jolt to the senses.. Especially the visual. I ask myself if any of these boys were embarrassed to be paraded out looking like caricatures waiting to be bullied?
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Here’s a little excerpt from a so called valid fashion media review …. It should also be mentioned that Palomo appeared to be moving into areas more salable. Often his pieces are one of a kind, and not designed to be produced, but those bags and shoes and an excellent duffle coat will hold a somewhat wider commercial appeal. All together, it was a grand opening to Paris men’s week, and a valid, important talking point at that.
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You can decide for yourself just how grand the opening was!!
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