Thursday, September 24, 2020

Dolce & Gabbana spring 2021

 Within this cacophony of colors, patterns, patchworks and everything but the kitchen sink there is a joyful collection of PIECES! I don’t see this collection as I would normally think or review D&G as I can discount all the dresses or a good many of them and all I can see are great pieces that one can own and that stand on their own.

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Maybe a jacket, a blouse, a skirt, a pant and yes maybe even a caftan or a dress and one can feel happy in them and they don’t necessarily need a special occasion to wear them... they require a woman of confident style who knows what she likes and wears what she wants whenever she wants.

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Even though in a stretch of the imagination I can see YSL, Versace or maybe even Lacroix, but none of that matters since the spectacle leaves you smiling and not shaking your head or wondering where one wears this or where are they going in these clothes. Maybe you might even find pieces in your “closet museum” that resemble or can be part of a cocktail of these fabrics, patchworks and collages.

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Kudos to you boys for not singing that Sicilian love song once again this season and instead bringing a festival and not a funeral of fashion! It’s a joyful noise of fashion… SO screw the happy pills and jump on the mood elevator …CAUTION may cause dancing around the house just as we did in the halcyon days of disco! One last thing, just maybe we can forget the dire situation we are all living through for a moment at the moment.

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