Friday, September 4, 2020


 Anyone who knows me knows that there are few things I love more than a scarf wrapped around my neck almost all year long, anyplace I go, even to the supermarket. Of course, some of the most treasured are those of tissue thin cashmere which happen to be the warmest as well as the softest so it is no surprise that I shine the spotlight on AMA PURE!

Another reason for my attraction to the brand is that I was a print designer for 7 years which was my first job in the fashion business and have ever since been fascinated with patterns of every kind. When the patternings appear on luxurious cashmere, suddenly all of my senses are heightened in the best possible way and so once again the attraction to AMA PURE seems to be a slam dunk and a natural connection.

From a fashion standpoint I can wholeheartedly say  that Italians understand the importance of accessories (part of their sprezzatura)  almost as much as the French but it is the Italians who especially understand the potency of the scarf on  both men and women and that is a key factor here as you  will see in the images. The gentleman in the images is Gian Marco Tavani (CEO)…. The son! And he makes quite an impact by showing us that … “real men” do wear scarves…. so, to speak and at the risk of being a bit cliché in my words.

The last of my blather is that these scarves come at a price but there are few items in one’s wardrobe that will never go out of style, have multiple uses and be can be worn in any number of ways… timeless and classic regardless of the pattern.  So enough of my words… here is Luciana Fazio in her words speaking about her pride and joy….

Can you give us a brief history about how the company began and who is your target customer?

Luciana Fazio: AMA was a private label company when Rosa (my mother) started working with textile machines at home in Carpi. I was 7 years old and I was watching her and learning from her every day. When I was 18 years old I left Italy and I went studying English in London for almost 2 years. When I came back the Italian handcraft knitted industry was extremely requested and we produced for 20 years worldwide important labels.

Once my son Gian Marco Tavani joined the Family Business he was willing to create something unique and pure qualitative products that he couldn’t find in fashion multi-brand stores  … as I worked all my life for big quantities, he touched my feeling of quality in front of quantity . So we created AMA PURE, a brand which creates with love and passion, a lot of know-how, each piece made one by one and so extremely unique.

Our goal is create with the top fibres of cashmere timeless accessories that everybody can understand just from the first touch, but few of them can afford it.

Can you describe the process from the time you select a design to the finished product and how do you decide on each pattern?

LF: The design comes from an inspiration or a desire I feel needed, I always look for timeless design and my inspiration comes from nature, animals, arts and travels.

I’m Italian and our brand is a hand made in Italy product so I always try to add a touch of our Italian exclusive tradition. A design could take some weeks and sometimes only few days it depends … I like to leave them breathe and see how it evolves. Once the design is finalised I start doing some trials and it could take several times before the colours match perfectly my design. Let’s say from the creation to the first prototype it takes a couple of months.


Since the company began in Carpi and not Milan, did you find it difficult to get your product into the market place? Who are some of your accounts worldwide and do you sell direct to customer online?

LF: Our Company is based in Carpi (Modena), 160km from Milan, because this city is the HUB of the knitwear manufacturer in Italy, and here is where I was born. The most difficult thing is not arrive in Milan but find the right market place there. At the moment we have a temporary showroom in Paris during the fashion weeks (FOUR MARKETING) a permanent showroom in Milan (VICE VERSA) and a permanent showroom in U.S.A. (TRANSATLANTIC). Some of our Worldwide accounts are SAKS FIFTH AVENUE, HARVEY NICHOLS UK, LANE CRAWFORD, RINASCENTE. From September 2020 we will start seling directly some of our products on our new website ( don’t hesitate to follow us on instagram (@ama_pure) in order to be ready with our upcoming updates !


If you could choose any collaboration who or what would it be and why?

LF: We do collaboration with other brands , in general it starts from a common idea seeing from two opposite point of view and in general we realised it with our quality and they add their style or their fit to our cashmere quality . We did collaboration or customisation with stores too, like for example with one of our top store in Saint Barth (VOILA SAINT BARTH), we like to create things together adding a Caribbean classy touch to our Italian textile quality .


Do you plan on expanding into other areas and are you content staying within this particular category and why? Expansion plans?

LF: We do actually have several products, ponchos, capes and an entire home textile collection with duvets, plaids, slippers and travel kits. We like to stay inside the top accessories department for the moment and be known and appreciated from our customers for the quality of our hand made in Italy products.We would to be known for the timeless touch of our products . We like to be exclusive even in the distribution and do few type of products but at the top quality worldwide level. Maybe one day, my son would like to expand the category and create his first cashmere collection ! 


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