Sunday, September 27, 2020

Giorgio Armani spring 2021

 To his empty space and to his virtual audience Armani did exactly what I suspected he would… he dialed it down all the way. Some will say yawn and this again and I say brava.  The man understands his customer and he knows what’s going on in the world and the clothes reflect this very relaxed slouchy and occasionless type of dressing…of course except for the evening gowns which will be bought by his most devoted of clients.

So, to the naysayers, I say go on about the brilliance of that hack Jeremy Scott, the intellectual pedestrian designs of the new George and Gracie or the coming tee shirt collection from  Dior since the meatball has so many causes she can protest and I say gimme some Giorgio who is a designer for the ages who designs for HIS clientele.

Take note the colors more somber, the accessories at a minimum and the shoes mostly flat or close to it. The collection is well thought out and in tune with the times for HIS customer.

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