Wednesday, January 6, 2021



  As I write this on the onset of the New Year, I wish that I could say that HE was the BIGGEST LOSER but in fact we, as a country, are the biggest loser.

“We” allowed a man who repeatedly cheated, conned, scammed, lied, stole from the poor, is responsible for over 350,000 deaths, lined his pockets, encouraged and incited bigotry as acceptable behavior, who picked the collective scab of the USA and let the puss out and then gifted them with the power over things that they have no clue about much like himself… and then he fired, hired, turned over every rock to  find some the most inept, uneducated, ill-equipped, greedy, unknowledgeable, inarticulate and undeserving sub humans to line his cabinet… lest I forget he put children in cages, mocked the afflicted and held himself above all else!

If that is not enough, he almost brought this country to its knees and made it a laughing stock of the world while he golfed, tweeted, worried about ratings, rallies, how many covers the defacto reptilian kidney enhanced first lady appeared on while the country was circling the drain and he was kissing ass with some of the 21st century’s most heinous and evil dictators. Then of course we come to his vacuous grey cell deficient children who know as much about politics as they do about nuclear fission: a talentless daughter who has had more structural work done than that famous wall and 2 sons, Dumb and Dumber, who don’t quite get that they are as dumb as wet dog shit in the rain. Oh sorry, I forgot the chubby daughter who is shoved around because she is not as cosmetically altered as her siblings and lastly there is poor Barron who is rumored to be autistic and yet his tone-deaf biological mother did nothing to bolster that cause because it might genetically reflect on that pompous spray tanned tub of lard who thought he was appointed king. With his IQ of 5 and thought process of a 4-year-old he believed he was suited for the job.

I can go on about how those that aided abetted his delusions and malignant narcissism should be instructed to return 4 years of pay and benefits that were stolen from those less fortunate. Let it be said that their KARMA should sweep them up like a tsunami and not even leave the bones behind since none of those miscreants deserve to be remembered in any way shape or form including all of FOX 5 news/…a misnomer at best.

Welcome Joe and Kamala and hoping you can repair this country and return it to where it belongs without all the noise of the ignorant who tried in earnest to destroy it!

PS. Oh! Fred would look upon you Donny as the abysmal failure you are and possibly one of the biggest LOSERS of all time! Your own mother thought you were an idiot from day one!

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