Wednesday, January 27, 2021


 Haute couture is rarely if ever used as a political arena to preach about world affairs and yet Yassen Samouilov, and Livia Stoianova have taken their place at the podium to propose the difficult questions we all face in these turbulent times.

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On Aura Tout Vu may not be the brand on the tip of everyone’s tongue but they are the designers who have chosen to make an example of themselves and ask everyone the important questions; what are you doing to prevent and live within this world pandemic, are you optimistic that sooner than later we shall live a life that resembles the life we had pre-pandemic?

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They have chosen to say yes, we shall and yes, they believe we may have to adjust how we once lived but we possibly may live a new normal without the dire consequences. They’re questioning the decisions people need to make for a better future. “That’s why we introduced sparkling light on each side… HOPE!”

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The light bulbs represent the light at the end of the tunnel and one might quite literally take their one design as casting pearls before swine. How many designers of the laud and applaud variety have the balls or the audacity to speak out symbolically about life as we know it today and the life we hope to attain in the future?

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As a little post script let it be said that these two designers are far more famous than one might imagine but that is a wide-open secret among the cognoscenti of fashion and it is to them that I tip my hat for all they have done in a rather anonymous way for the world of fashion.

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