Monday, March 28, 2022

ACADEMY AWARDS 2022 or What were they thinking?

I have long lamented the days when movie stars owned the clothes and jewelry, they wore on this night of nights but now, especially, we have entered into the Instagram phase of this awards show where likes and shock value are more important that any kind of actual style. Celebrities no longer select their clothes, they are offered payment to wear clothes, most preselected by stylists, some of whom are barely up to the task but do all the heavy lifting.

It was a “mammorable” and memorable event this year for sure. We learned that those cup-like necklines clearly don’t work on ANYONE and certainly reveal who had implants and who did not! I read this morning that Zendaya’s outfit was compared to the white shirt and black skirt of Sharon Stone from years ago except the point is lost when you consider that Stone’s shirt was from the GAP and she put it together herself, not a designer who created an outfit for their brand ambassador that would cost in the 5-figure category!

As is usual, I ask if there was a hairdressers’ strike on Sunday and if these women actually look in a mirror other than a magic one?

PS... it is one of those extremely rare moments that I say   that an Armani gown was one of the most ill-conceived and rendered among the lot!  ... and yellow is really reserved for Big Bird!... and by the way... who the F..K are  some of these people?

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