Monday, March 7, 2022

Akris fall 2022

I will openly admit that I am an Akris fan and that Albert Kriemler delivers almost every season year after year and while the brand and designer may not get the hype of far fewer deserving brands, he remains at the top of his craft as a designer.

The collection is precise as always with special attention paid to clean lines, subtle details, appealing colorations and of course fabrication; Kriemler always has an inspiration but his inspirations are not justifications as much as actual jumping off points for all the aforementioned qualities that are part of an Akris collection...

This is not an influencer/Instagrammer collection as it doesn’t scream and it isn’t meant to attract the klieg light sort of attention of that are catnip for that audience. The dirty words of wearable, timeless, ageless and minimal come to mind as reasons why that generation will bypass the unrivaled quality and design prowess of Akris.

It doesn’t take a very trained eye to see the impeccable finishing nor the actual thought process that goes into a collection such as this.... yes, it actually makes sense in terms of presentation and design.

If you are looking for fluff and bells and whistles or design  gimmickry then there is nothing for you to see here!

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