Monday, March 7, 2022

Schiaparelli fall 2022

It is indisputable that Daniel Rosenberry is fluent in the vocabulary of the brand and of its eponymous designer. It is unassailable that he is a savvy designer who moved beyond the immense over the top elements of the Haute Couture and left them behind and brought the attention back to the clothes themselves. Gone are the sculptural accoutrements and welcome to sculptural clothes.

This collection is the essence of Schiaparelli in its architecture, whimsy and design. There are showpieces which can still be wearable if taken apart and paired wisely. Yes, there is exaggeration but then again what would the brand be without it. Elsa in her own way was an attention whore of sorts and she created that persona with her clothes not by transforming herself.

What is fascinating to me is that Valentino showed in “shocking” and Rosenberry countered by showing in black and white....  chew on that for a moment. There is artistry in Schiaparelli that beckons awe and leaves many other designers in the dust despite their hype.

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