Sunday, March 6, 2022

Valentino fall 2022

Where to start? ... Well, there was lots and lots and lots of pink to the point of Pepto pink overload! Why on earth would you show pink clothes against a pink background as it does, as one might assume, make it quite difficult to actually see the clothes. Watching the live feed, it suddenly dawned on me where in my day the crowds gathered to see the designer, to get into the show or just feel the energy and pulse of fashion. Not the case here as apparently the crowds gathered outside was to see their favorite influencers/Instagrammers decked out in the literally the latest Valentino!

How many 20 somethings do you suppose can afford 4- and 5-digit price tags which brings me to the point of I cannot imagine the 100s of thousands of dollars spent on giving clothing to these young people as a reward for attending the show. PPP has officially recast the brand as one that is supposed to appeal to millennials and not ladies of a certain age or social standing.

Let’s speak to the styling ... hair, patent leather shoes, makeup ... duh... greasy haired boys don’t wear $5000 tops and as demonstrated on the runway, most girls of any age can barely walk in 3-inch heels let alone 3-inch platforms with 5-inch heels which made for many uneasy and cautious moments. There was no effort to glamorize the models and using cheap ass waterfall earrings didn’t help much and apparently there is a big push in the handbag area.

YES! I do have a few positive things to say that mixed into the seemingly endless parade of dross, there were some pieces that I think will sell and are pretty universal but let it be said... there was nothing new here in terms of design unless you count that egregious bra top or the sequin coverall shown at the start of the show. If anything, the bell skirted pieces seemed somewhat out of place as did Mona Bismarck opera coats and that curvilinear neckline which isn’t new!

Let’s face it, I’m no fan of his but this collection, take away so many bells and whistles, there are some commercially viable styles that will retail to HIS Valentino customer and maybe even to some of the old guard.

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