Sunday, September 13, 2009


I guess that every generation and area of design produces its own genius and the fashion business has RALPH RUCCI!!!! I can't find enough words to use to gush over this collection which demonstrates the ART of apparel art which seems lost in the trends of the day and the supposed youth audience.......Chado is distinctly Ralph Rucci crafted with perfection of shape-- line--- fit --detail and coloration.
If you study the masters of the 20th century then Mr. Rucci should not be denied his place with these masters......
My accolades pale by the accolades already deserved by him but please look and examine the fine art of design brought to you via a quintessential designer for the quitessential customer
PS--imagine that he chose to use a shoe that looks like a summer shote and doesnt distract from the clothes---------WHAT A CONCEPT

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