Saturday, September 26, 2009


FERRE-where oh where have all the fabulous clothes gone >>>>They are certainly not here at Ferre....but if you are looking for awkward shapes, bad shoes, too much ruching/pleating, draping and folding ...then you are at the right place. Gone are the days of razor sharp, precise, slick , edgy, slick chic clothes that once inhabited this brand .............these guys are too busy trying to establish themselves without even a nod to the late Mr. Ferre

JIL SANDER- While I must say I was slightly disappointed after the last few shows, this new collection delivers but not with the usual hard edged beauties of recent seasons......There is plenty of Jil here just not fabulous Jil. The gimmicks used by Raf Simons are incorporated into the collection without taking over the collection for without some fun where's the reason to see a show

VERSACE-If ever there was a time to revisit the sexy days of Gianni Versace , now was the time and that is exactly what the Signora Donatella has done.....The show was pure Gianni with one twist----"what would Gianni have done for Spring 2010?"--------------And we have our answer within this presentation --short - sexy - tight-prints-color- studs -flash ----------------my only gripe was the shoes ---they really could have been less over the top

BLUMARINE--While I have never been much of a fan of this collection I must say I have been won over with this presentation .........last season was fabulous and this season is a close runner up . It's Young without being teenish --it is colorful - flirty - sexy without being overt --colorful --prints galore and wonderfully accessorized

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