Sunday, September 27, 2009


BOTTEGA VENETA--I find that the more you need to explain clothes the more difficult collection and so hold true for this one ....there is so much intellectualizing about that the clothes that the talk doesn't live up to the collection ....The original brand had its DNA in leather goods/accessories and that segment surely does not's only the clothes !!

PUCCI--Here is another case of what the original brand had which was its history of prints and for the easy shapes that these prints were incorporated into we have a collection which barely comes close to the original DNA except in the thinnest of comparisons----------these clothes are over the top sexy ..hardly what Would call sophisticated or chic in any way ................My big question is then why invest in the name or is it only a means to an end of creating a new collection with an old name ????

GUCCI--It is difficult for me to say that Tom Ford's collections looked like ANNE KLEIN in comparison to the current Gucci collections....even though I found this collection to be barely wearable, it has more merit than I have seen in ages...Thank god they rely on shoes and handbags to make money

FRANCESCO SCOGNAMIGLIO--Under all the drama and theatrics lies the heart and soul of a master tailor and dressmaker...If you could dial down all the surrounding extras you would see this young man knows how to drape a dress and tailor a suit ....I believe in due time and with proper leadership he will be harnessed into producing spectacular collections for the next generation

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