Thursday, September 17, 2009


This is a break from my normal routine and reviewing collections individually..Over these past few days I have felt that the collections are all over the place in look and in no way related to the times we are living through ---at least with rare exception and I will single those out later ..................The build up to Fashion Week has filled pages and pages with "inspiration" and goals for he new collections and now having been through most of the week .....................all those words---all that ink ....all those pages are just a load of CRAP................catch words--ACCESSIBLE (CHEAPER)--RELEVANT (HAVE SOMEPLACE TO WEAR THEM ) These words are not even close to what we have seen ..designers are scrambling to find a market for their clothes----one season it's Contemporary --one season it's bridge --one season it's aiming at a younger customer ---why is it so hard to stick to your guns and do what you do best ..................if anything at all .
Some of the better known designer collections had switched direction so many times that they do not have a customer anymore and DUH-----------why build a clientele for your look and then dismiss it like yesterdays news. The clothes are wildly expensive for what they are are and the purpose they serves so is it not possible to deliver wearable clothes for people who spend ???????????????????????? New York wanted to be first to show and now they are and now we find that we have the emperors new clothes

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