Friday, September 18, 2009


This has been a very interesting week for the fashion flock ---we have seen so much shifting and squirming that is is hard to know what clothes belong to what designer and whether most designers know what their own clothes look like ..................................except of course for the very few
The man has a point of view and he sticks to it and he enhances and embraces it ...this was a stellar collection in a season where most designers needed a GPS system to find their direction ..there was Oscar strutting out the stuff that great collections are made of

Next up ........RALPH LAUREN -----from Okies to Astors he covered his bases and remained true to himself the man is smart enough and savvy enough to really on what he knows which is very simply "Why fix what's not broken"
While I would say that this was not the most fabulous of collections but I would also add that he has not deserted his ladies nor his DNA

MARC JACOBS....While i am not the usual fan of his I have come to learn that his shows require digestion and dissection and therein lies the beauty is visual overload, fashion excess, and every buyers nightmare but in the end it is one man's particular vision and he allows the buyers to draw their own conclusion.....One cannot deny the femininity , the colors , the tailoring, the folly of it all but without his single mindedness each season the FASHION business would be a dull place to live

If i can I would like to give kudos to MARCHESA for delivering a truly beautiful collection ISSAC for his sense of humor and for his unerring taste and to DENNIS BASSO for sending out a truly fashion worthy coherent collection of beautiful dresses

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