Friday, September 25, 2009


Spring has always been the more troublesome of seasons for most designers and so far it holds true for the first 2 major collections of Milan

GIORGIO ARMANI--he has the blues for sure and in every shade --I found the clothes did not possess their normally polished soigne look...For a man who couldn't design a dress 30 years ago , this collection is dress-centric and light on the refined slick tailored look that Mr. Armani has built his reputation on. hile the collection offered a softer look I found it to be less than pleasing

PRADA--This collection like 90% of the ones I have seen from this famous house ----is just incomprehensible to me ...pigtails??? reviewer wrote about "wearable" clothes...I say "What collection did I see?" for the chandelier crystal segment of totally unwearble not to mention the incredible weight of them is all lost on me

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