Monday, February 8, 2010


Once upon a time, lace was reserved for wedding dresses, lingerie and even liturgical garments for the church. In the 21st century, lace has been democratized and transformed into a fabrication that transcends all ages and all levels of fashion. In fact, lace can be found in almost every classification of fashion and at every price level from Walmart to haute couture.

Having spent much of my life in the fashion business, I can honestly say that I was conditioned to think lace was dowdy or reserved for intimate occasions such as marriage or bed. Today we can find lace at every price on almost every age group, thanks to everyone from Madonna (think the beginning Material Girl) to Haute Couture to Rodarte at Target, we see lace in almost unimaginable classifications such as eye wear and handbags.

Lace was once a handmade product which was produced in just a few different fibers whereas today we can find in every possible fabrication at the cheapest prices as well as handmade at stratospheric prices. Lace has withstood the test of time and the whims of fashion to become what we might consider a staple for women of every age from children to adult.

As is my practice to research my topics online, you will be amazed at the versatility and stylishness of lace when used in any category of fashion. Thanks to Netaporter, Shopestyle and Bloomingdales and don’t forget to stay tuned in to

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