Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It's a blackout at this house, but I find this collection to be appealing. I am not normally attracted artsy clothing but this has a finished refined quality about it. There are so many pieces that can be worn other than the way they are would be hard not to find something to like. I can live without the weighty platform shoes and the overly slouchy pants but take a close look at the pieces that make up this collection.
There seems to a "curve" circulating in the air around 7th Avenue and Narciso has made full use of it with this collection. The shapes may be sharp and precise but that curve softens it up just enough......least effectively in the all silk pieces. What i cannot understand is the shoe selection for the deceptively simple and minimalist clothes.
While I marvel at the prospect of these clothes being reproduced in any multiple at all.................I cannot help but ask myself "are these the emperor's new clothes?" Besides being astronomically expensive, where does one wear them? (other than for a photo shoot or red carpet event) At first I was in awe of the creations and now I am slack jawed as to why they get so much attention and raves..........