Saturday, February 27, 2010


There is something about the clothes that these 2 present for Ferre that just dont come across properly. I am sure that they start out with the best intentions but somewhere along the line the runway presentation suffers. Mr. Ferre's clothes were so precise--so razor sharp--so chic and the newest incarnation looks like they have been worn or need to properly fitted or need a pressing..............whatever the issue if they just don't hit the same note that the original did so either the new team has to completely steer clear of the old Ferre or get it together and do it right.
These 2 jokers are very confused about the business of selling clothes. Each season they seem to seek out another audience and each season they neglect to realize that their clothes are wildly expensive and have very little cache for the retail customer who can afford them. The Catens seem to think they are doing a reality TV show except there is nothing exceptional about them or the clothes. I suppose whomever is funding this fiasco will eventually cash out before the losses become too great.
While I was holding out for a knock out Fall, I was sorely disappointed by what I saw as a lot of over worked and over designed pieces. There were moments when Donatella's talents shone through but there were way too many gimmicks and "cuts" and "slices" as to totally distract from the garment itself.