Friday, February 26, 2010

Milan fall 2010-PRADA, D&G, FENDI

Upon reading Cathy Horyn's review last night, I was amazed to hear her say "it is almost as if Miuccia dares you to hate the clothes"................well you don't have to dare me. I thought the clothes were awful, ugly, cumbersome and brooding.
Usually I say that it is a good thing they are in the handbag and shoe businesses, but I am not so sure this time around. I will say that amongst so much unrealistic fashion there were a few pieces that did catch my eye which were the 2 black and jet beaded dress and coat.
These guys are really a good time. For the fall, they appear to have become a sort of Ralph Lauren on mind alterign substances. They took that snowflake, reindeer, Nordic sweater and beat it till it was dead and there were no more ways to interpret it. The odd thing is that no matter how over the top the presentation was ..........there were plenty of good salable pieces.
what I am not quite sure about is that in a season where there seems to be a profusion of fur, why wasn't Karl more focused on that rather than the voluminous shapes he used for the ready to wear. At best, I find Fendi to be a bit of a push so this season is no different. There was, however, one high point which was the interpretation of the muckluck into a stylish laced boot.

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