Monday, February 15, 2010


As the curtain rose on the latest collections for Fall 2010, I was happily surprised by the presence of some wonders for the season at hand and yet disappointed by what I thought would be wondrous.
Chic, Raffine,Soigne all of that and more..thru the use of slicing as in the manner of Rodarte but with considerably more sophistication, the designer and architect of the creations delivered a flawless collection..............imagine that there wasn't a platform shoe in sight and the models wore hose. With that in mind, these distinctive clothes are for real women of means and discerning taste
here lies my disappointment as i was expecting something totally different from this young yet accomplished designer. After having seen Spring< I really believed that Fall would have been a far more sophisticated collection that displayed his wisdom for fashion. He clearly has the talent and intellect< beyond his years, which would have enabled him to do so. I found it jarring to have sleeveless dresses with black opaque tights, open toed shoes, and yards of cashmere wrapped at the neck. After all you cannot turn a sundress into a winter dress by those additions and even more upsetting is that the clothes looked shapeless and disheveled.
I always thought that there was a commercial if not fashion elements to this collection but WHOA!!!! The collection was drab and decidedly weighty by using those awful overbearing shoes through out the collection.............
Prabal Garung
While I was not as impressed as i was the last time around, I did find his crisp use of color a happy moment. What thrilled me less was the overuse of folds/draping but the tailoring was still there...........unfortunately not quite as razor sharp as Spring.
Well no one will say prints are dead after seeing this collection ..........which is a good thing. He is creating his own kind of chic by pushing the envelope almost as hard as he can ..........sometimes to his own the pouff of fur on various left shoulders!!!! I would love to see this 21st century chic mixed with what he did at Blass.