Tuesday, February 16, 2010


As we lumber on with the collections,It becomes increasing difficult to get through all the shows that are presented................I am starting to feel like this is more of a circus entertainment than a business. Any way I soldiered on to find some notable shows and all for different reasons

Admittedly, at the beginning I would hardly be called a fan, but as time goes on she has won me over. This is a small well edited collection which is indicative of a strong hand and a designer more seasoned than Ms. Beckham. She may be appealing to a microcosm of the top tier of the female retail client, but she does it with great aplomb. If you have the perfect body by birth or worked for it at the gym ..........then this is one stop shopping.

This lady certainly has her sights set on appealing to lots of women out there...grey flannel, pinstripes, velvets, sequins, leather, skirts and pants just to name a few of the options available. she gives her ladies a huge choice in fabrication, silhouette and the possibility of combinations. Ms. Von Furstenberg has always had a particular personal style and now she offers it up to her faithful followers every season.

Her approach for the season was "What women might like to wear" and I would have to say that she may have hit the mark with this grouping. Simple and tasteful, not over the top, and she had the temerity to even have her models wear hose with nary a platform shoe in sight ..................the easily understandable palette of tan and black is as timeless as the designs