Monday, January 10, 2011

Americans in Paris...VOUELLE

Just as a wedding begins a union of 2 people, a wedding was also the reason that these 2 expats met and began a shoe business known as VOUELLE. Melissa Regan (de Vogele) and Michelle Boor teamed up in Paris after the former had a miserable experience with the selection and ultimate decision of wedding shoes. Besides the dress, well maybe and the groom, shoes remain an essential and integral part of one’s wedding day.

Well, that was 2008, and within the 2 short years of being in business, these 2 have created the burgeoning brand (VOUELLE) which is already available at 66 in Paris, Galleries Lafayette, The Wynn in Las Vegas and Harvey Nich’s as Edina from Absolutely Fabulous would say. The look of the shoes might echo better known brands such as Roger Vivier, Walter Steiger and even Jimmy Choo, but these are not “me too” styles, these are exclusively designed for and by VOUELLE. One can only draw the references when they are all shown together in a shoe salon. VOUELLE is in good company with these prestige brands and the handmade VOUELLE shoes are a welcomed addition to the couture shoe market as these existing brands shoes tend to be far more costly and seem to be on every foot as if they were from H & M.

Quality will always reign supreme, no matter what business one owns, when you cater to the top tier of international retailers. To assure the high standard, these ladies were fortunate enough to enlist the help of Alain Mancini, who is heir to shoe royalty, Rene Mancini. In shoe terms, he is “an old shoe dog” if there ever was one and I am not referring to age.

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