Monday, January 3, 2011


In the Eighties, the conspicuous consumption of logo and recognizable designer merchandise was at its zenith. In the new millennium, consumers have taken a polarized opposite approach to their buying habits and have embraced a more discreet method and mind set for purchasing branded high end merchandise.
Chanel remains amongst the top 5 most desired prestige brands worldwide and probably will remain there for many years to come. Think about the fact that there are 5 devoted Chanel stores in NYC, not to mention the department stores that have devoted valuable floor space to their ready to wear and accessories. What is most staggering about the iconic brand is that the name remains coveted, no matter what classification it inhabits. The company, save for its fragrance, does not license their name for any of the products that are sold bearing the name Chanel.
As a native of New York City, it is still amazing that one can find hidden treasures buried within the overpopulated retail landscape of this city…such a treasure is or known as Catwalk 10021. This is a very exclusive purveyor of some of the most desirable and coveted pieces of Chanel fashion jewelry. Catwalk 10021 conducts its commercial enterprise by appointment only in their NYC offices or via their dedicated website. Catwalk’s claim to fame is first and foremost Chanel, but there are other names such as St. Laurent, Lacroix, Dior and Givenchy which are also to be found within their vast inventory of fabulously made “gems.” The pieces are treated as if they were “haute bijoux” and shown accordingly.
One may pooh pooh fashion jewelry as fake, but there are mastery and design elements that exceed some of the finest jewelry available. The famed house of Gripoix, which Chanel owns, demonstrates the art of poured glass colored stones that became a Chanel trademark beginning with Mademoiselle Chanel. Chanel advocated mixing the the “faux” and the “verite” to achieve a look…after all, this is what makes fashion….well, fashion.
Catwalk offers its clientele the opportunity to indulge themselves in the luxury of either owning pieces which speak the silent language known only to each brand or the simply more unmistakable pieces which use the name and the logos to enhance or create the designs. The choice remains with each particular prospective owner.