Monday, January 17, 2011

Tee Time

Well it is going to be Tee time before we know it, at least once all this winter weather disappears. The one good thing is that it is always Tee time almost everywhere. The tee shirt has become an all year item whether it is layered or worn on its own. This week is about 2 companies which offer tees and some complimentary items which might be of interest.

Rizumu ( ) is the brain child of a former movie marketing executive who started this lifestyle brand of tees and accessories after being drawn back to his first love….fashion. The company focuses on the DJ culture with special attention paid to comic book art complete with featured graphic artists. There are even pieces of jewelry which are included and now Pauly D from The Jersey Shore (MTV) has been caught wearing it. It’s a must have for yourself or the totally connected music lover in your life. My favorite piece is the multi zip sweat jacket ….and the best part is that it is totally unisex so everyone can have it.

Manaomakani ( ) is the brainchild of an industry veteran who has spent his life creating clothes for the Gap, Express, and Esprit to name a few. Now he wants to give back to the environment and has created this collection of TOTALLY ecologically and environmentally friendly tees and hoodies. It is amazing that the entire manufacture is “green” as well as all the part and materials….which is really rare as most companies boast eco-friendly materials and then are made in the hell hole factories of China, but these products are 100% green and made in san Francisco. The company even gives back financially after each purchase. The bottom line is, you get to do your part for the environment as well as own a truly spiritual article of clothing. Read the history on their site and be motivated to help beautify the world in the literal and figurative sense. ALOHA for this week ………….

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