Wednesday, January 5, 2011


As a conclusion to the three part series, we will see that Catwalk 10021( New York City’s best kept secret) is not a Johnny one note with its extensive Chanel collection, but has a stable of many other top tier designer creations from all over the world.

Once again, many of these brands are available at their eponymous locations within New York City, but only Catwalk 10021 has the crème de la crème of past memorable seasons. There are even pieces which are prototypes (have never been produced) which enables you to own an original albeit with little known provenance. Take a look at the stunning gilt modern collar or the “cracker jack” necklace which have been used for runway purposes only.

Valentino has always been known for his extravagant jewelry, but little of it was made available for distribution except via his own boutiques. Oscar de la Renta, who until recently, had never had jewelry available to the public and the once venerable House of Gripoix was never available outside of France. You might even take a fancy to the Lucite snake necklace which is reminiscent of the pieces that Bulgari once made, not to mention the space age beauty from Lanvin, when the brand was a sleepy everywhere but in Paris.

If you have ever entertained the thought of owning a spectacular piece of fashion jewelry, then Catwalk 10021 should be number one on your list for this purchase. Don’t forget to have a look at the website at for a tease from one of the largest and best curated collections of fashion jewelry in the world.
Bon chance!