Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Millenium Italians

With all the hype surrounding repurposed and reusable and recyclable, is it any wonder that two Italians have found a way to capitalize on the rich history of this historic country? The native Italians, in question, are Simona Cassai and Marta Saletti and together they have formed a company and create some of the most arresting new designs in fashion jewelry.

Oddly enough, the company is based in the area of Tuscany which has long been known as a gold capital in the city of Arezzo. The jewelry is created by studying blueprints of historic and iconic building all over Italy. The diagrams are then faithfully reproduced in a way that created the basis or the inspiration of each particular grouping for the company known as Ledaotto (

The jewelry shows us how these two innovative designers have taken the Old World and successfully combined it with the present to produce masterpieces for the next century. If I am not mistaken, the laser cut pieces which echo the blueprints and combines with handmade brass chains and lustrous semi-precious stones to items of incalculable beauty and each with a history.

These two women can stand proud that their product is made and designed in Italy just as so many pieces of beauty have been for so many centuries before them. These are the two who we should be looking for in the new decade and decades to come in the new millennium.

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