Saturday, January 8, 2011

HIDDEN TREASURE; Trixie + Peanut

Once again we find another treasure, this time hiding in plain sight at 23 East 20th Street….Trixie + Peanut. Today it is about fashion but for your fashion conscious 4 legged child or relative.

Once upon a time in 1999, Susan Bing wanted to sell upscale fashionable apparel, accessories and pet related items via mail order. The concentration being on the domesticated cats and dogs that we love so much and include in our families and treat as if they were true blood relations, well maybe even better than that. About 4 years after its beginnings as a catalog/mail order business, Ms. Bing, with the help of her husband, opened the Trixie + Peanut boutique.

Tucked away on the side street in the Flatiron district of NYC, you enter into a shop which, for a moment, seems like so many other upscale boutiques in the neighborhood. It takes a second or two to register that this is NOT like any other shop in the neighborhood as this one appeals to your ‘animal instincts.” From tank tops to sweat suits to sneakers to hats to carriers, there is no stone left unturned when it comes to your beloved ”Spot” or “Tom.” If you want a tease of the inventory, all you need to do is log onto where you will immediately fall in love with items that you never knew you needed or wanted.

Trixie + Peanut counts Halle Berry, Sean Diddy Combs, Julia Roberts, Oprah, Ciara and Bill Clinton amongst their regular clientele who pamper their pets with purchases from this shop. The list can go on and on as does the selection of every type and classification of items for your dogs and cats. Trixie +Peanut apparel and accessories have been on more talk shows and in more magazines than the Khardashians……….and the Trixie clientele is better dressed.

So, if you are in search of the perfect gift for your treasured “child,” have a look at the slide show and then either shop on their website and hustle on down to 23 East 20th where smiles abound.

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