Thursday, January 27, 2011

HAUTE COUTURE...Jean Paul Gaultier

Even though this event has been whittled down to a scant 3 days, there are still stellar moments that remind us why the Haute Couture still exists. Yes it is to keep the ateliers that do the embroidery, beading and special effects that can only be found in the Couture, but it is also a moment when designers can truly raise the bar for themselves as well as their colleagues. Consistently, there are 3 major forces of the couture…Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Dior all of which set the standard for the art of fashion and not the commerce of fashion.

Mr. Gaultier, who normally will let the theatrics and theme of his shows take precedence over the clothes themselves, showed an exquisite collection that was strictly rendered within the DNA and vocabulary of the house. The tailoring was superb, the ease and sheer beauty of the garments were shown with little fanfare, but the beauty was only to be found on the models.
Shown as it was once done, with placards and narrator announcing each style ( the voice of Catherine Deneuve ), one was allowed to see what the couture is about ……….it is in the details, fabrics, embellishments, craftsmanship and the fantasy of having superbly made clothes perfectly molded to your body at an expense few will ever be able to afford.

The upside of it all, is that we, the general public, can bear witness to fashion history ….at least twice a year