Monday, May 6, 2013

SKINGRAFT ..Welcome to New York City

According to the Cota brothers, their dream has always been to open their eponymous shop in New York City and tonight the dream is realized.  Their shop in Los Angeles has been a destination since opening in 2009 and now the magic they brought to LA can be found in NYC.

If you are unfamiliar with the collections, men’s and women’s, here is the skinny on what you can expect.  The designing Cota, Jonny, has a very particular way of expressing his vision for fashion.  A great deal of what you see is predicated on the entertainment business as its influence is pervasive.  That is the obvious … BUT… take the clothes out of the uber hip environment and of the moment trends and mix these pieces with your own collection and the seasoned fashionphile will find timeless items worthy of a place in his or her wardrobe.

Influences seen for the Spring 2013 collections are athletic wear trend that swept the runways of Europe, contemporary music as well as that of a particular Rick Owens … and by no means is this meant to be a slur.  SKINGRAFT is interpretive rather than derivative and how refreshing that is that in a world of “me too” designers.  The dominant color palette is clean and sharp in black, white and red and makes shopping a breeze. The fabrications tend to be leather, a very soft drapy type of jersey or possibly an oversized mesh.

The extra added attraction of shopping at SKINGRAFT New York will be that anyone will now have the opportunity to purchase one of a kind samples that have never been reproduced.  So, we are talking originals, one offs,  that were made for runway presentation and would have otherwise been designated to an archive.  Here’s your chance to be a walking fashion wonder. 

Not only are the Cota brothers bringing their brand of fashion to New York City but they bring a refreshing take on a very stale retail environment … and for this I say BRAVO!! And WELCOME!

Located at 2 Prince Street, NYC

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