Saturday, May 18, 2013

Christian Dior ..Resort 2014... letter to Raf

I just had a look at resort and I am so confused as to what I saw after having the memory of your Fall show still fresh in my head.  At the risk of sounding harsh …  WTF happened here?  This collection is perplexing as far as I can tell.  I am sure your “girls’ will just coo and ooze over it with all sort of esoteric and arcane quotes from you as if that will help explain what was shown.

Now, Raf, I don’t want you to think that I didn’t like it because there were certain parts/pieces of it that were just exquisite and PURE 100% Dior for the 21st century but on the flipside … what were you thinking with those steel wool knitted briefs and bras as underpinnings and the appliques which certainly were not as perfectly executed as one might have hoped.

Raf, you so nailed it with the color blocked styles and asymmetric draping and of course the gorgeous tailored Dior signature pieces but again WTF were you thinking with all this see through crap and please don’t say beach cover ups, what happened to the profusion of gorgeous dresses from Fall, where was the extreme polish and why do you feel the need to shock and jolt when you have already established your imprimatur on the brand???

Now kiddo, the astrakhan in magenta was just so fabulous and I just was crazy about the excruciatingly feather like appearance of some atelier quality pieces but you gotta get with it and stop trying to reinvent the wheel here.  This is Dior and you can breathe new life into it but really now, take a chill pill and get over all this nonsense with shock value and blah blah blah.  You can do it if you really want to and you can deliver season and after season of flawless collections but you gotta get a grip on the reality of the business and the fact that the label reads Dior not Raf Simons.

So listen doll, I hope you know I really love you and only say these things in the most constructive and loving way.  Hold on to that thought and let’s do din next week after the flush of the new collection is done and all the reviews have been filed.  Looking forward to seeing you all relaxed and don’t be mad if not everyone is in love with this collection...okay?? Love you...Bientot!!  Je t’adore!!


P.S. ..Raf honey.. Your ladies are not wearing bare midriff tops and transparent shifts not matter how expensive they are so find another way to try to skew the collection young… tu comprends??

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