Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gucci resort 2014

Frida Carissima

Just saw the collection and I wanted to ask you “sei fidanzata pazza?” WTF are you thinking here?  Now you know better and yes, I know it is Resort and clearly you have zeroed in on the real essence of resort but ....really, you went a little overboard on slouchy and relaxed and maybe have arrived at over sized and.... well.. not very attractive!

The other thing  that struck me is .... are you on meds or do your meds need to be adjusted?  It seems that every season you are looking to a new customer and please listen to your “real” friend here ... dump the platforms already, it is done, over, finito.  So now I need to broach the the subject of the PANTS!  Do you really think that your ladies want to look like  a “Zoe-bot?” (thank you MK of LA)  I understand what a lot of break in the pant means and can do for one’s stature but that doesn’t mean they have to puddle around your feet!!  I know you know better than this... but I do love the full pant!

Moving right along... Now Frida carissima, I know you were thinking Rio and beaches and travel but what’s with the retro 40’s/50’s prints.. the umbrellas,  the hideous paisley and the retro stripes and  shapes.  It is like you paid homage to Zoran and so many others with shapes of the 70’s and 80’s and not in a good way.  I don’t want you to think I didn't like it ..I actually liked some of it a lot but there really wasn’t anything that was so amazing or outstanding about it.  Your ruffle collection was so beautiful and now this ..meh!

In the end, I can only say that the collection was okay and certainly not memorable other than I am sure the price tags.  Maybe Rachel will want some new looks and I hope she is just a seasonal friend as this won’t cut it for more than a season.. if that!

Ciao bella and lets do a bottle of Pinot very soon, we are long overdue.. baci baci  ... arrivederci... 

LOVE from ME!

P.S. next time you need to remember the name of the collection is GUCCI ..not FRIDA!! Tacky .... and I

really hope the collection was not a reference to The Great Gatsby..feh!

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