Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oscar de la Renta resort 2014

Dear Oscar,  

Great idea to do a series of presentations rather than a full balls out show.  It’s always a pleasure to be able to really see what is coming down the runway and I really liked it.  Kudos to you Oscar, as you always manage to show collections that are true to the brand’s DNA and yet the brand has evolved in such a wonderful “lesson to be learned” sort of way.  Too bad some of the young designers can’t see that you and Alex have truly grown Oscar de la Renta in the most admirable way.

So Oscar, the clothes were really beautiful with plenty to covet.  I wish resort collections harkened back to the days of the 80s and before when there were dressy clothes, real resort clothes as well as those city clothes that one might have bought early and held til Spring.  Anyway O, loved the Balenciaga and retro-ish influences which you do so well and the colors are a welcomed sight after the all that black and grey of fall from everyone. Loved... just loved, that citron and cobalt gown!!  I just adore that you and your team are able to capture all the female types like gamines, women of high chic, coquettes, the demure ones and even the ladies who lunch that built you into the power house that you have become. .. And before I forget... none of it looks tired or retread!!

But listen, O, I need to tell you ... and I say this with all good intention and not as a negative, but those tea length pieces are a bit meh and the length makes the pieces look matronly, whoever styles the girls, well, fire that person, the model looked a bit dishabille rather than the polished carefully maintained type that you have cultivated over the years.  The prints, well we know they can be a bit personal and tricky, but that one red prince des galles with the red floral over lay... well, it looked... how shall I say this... very main floor!

All is all, thanks for being a bright light and for sticking to your you...maybe lunch with you and Annette in Connecticut... we can swap gardening secrets.. Adios...Bientot and wonderful to see you! Kiss Kiss and ole!


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