Thursday, May 16, 2013

Versus Versace resort 2013/14 by Donatella Versace & J.W. Anderson

There reaches a time when being polite flies out the window.  There comes a time when beating around the bush and finessing words is no longer acceptable.  With all this being said, the topic of conversation is Versus Versace by the she demon herself Donatella and its latest victim designer J.W. Anderson; rather than throw boulders not stones, lets add a dose of comedy to soften the blow.

Dear Dona and JW,

I must tell you I am just slack jawed that you showed that stuff today and that you can take it seriously.  Now listen doll, you can chat it up all you and think that this is wearable let alone salable but honey c’mon, H&M would want this for free.  WTF were the two of you thinking?

JW, I am not so familiar with your work but if this is any indication, I have to say you have a great future in carnival costumes as not even a self-respecting drag queen would caught be dead in these rags and get-ups.  I read that La Signora coaxed you into doing sexier clothes…. Well ... how shall I say this … F A I L!  I hope this paid well cause it aint gonna do squat for your design chops and reputation.  I know Donadiablo told you not to worry because it is Versace but... how shall I say this delicately ... SHE LIED! And poor Gianni spun himself 6 feet deeper.

Let me take this to a whole new level... this crap is appalling and insulting and to think you guys can make it better with that blah blah blah stuff .. Me thinks it is time for a career change to maybe a fiction writer or possibly the 2 of you need to up the meds to their limits as you are both suffering from some serious delusions.

One last thing, ragazzo, who the hell dresses like this and where are you going to wear it?  I hope you understand I said this all with love and hope that you will take this as the most constructive of criticism as I would never say anything to hurt your collective feelings.  On this most positive of notes...kiss kiss ciao ciao  kiddies... dinner next week I hope  … see you soon...try try again…….


P.S. Dona carrissime .. quit beating the horse is dead!

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