Friday, May 10, 2013

Illustrating fashion ..part 3 .. the finale

On the last day of this 3 part series, we come full circle and show off those artists/illustrators who, well, illustrate fashion; Fashion as in clothes, brands and retailers that manufacture, sell or advertise clothes.  I am hoping that in today’s world of sameness, the art of fashion illustration will be making a long awaited comeback as an alternative to just another moody, provocative or erotically charged photograph …  you the know the ones you  see every day in every popular upscale so called fashion magazine … no names.  My own observation here is that the pioneers of this art should be given far greater credit for the global rise of fashion as much more than just an emerging tertiary business.  I salute all of you… past and present and future … I thank all of you for sharing with us your immense talents.

This series of posts can only be described as a runaway train!  The enthusiasm of these artists/illustrators coupled with their respective bodies of work have forced me to extend the topic beyond a single posting.  My aim is to educate, enlighten and excite the reader.  Every reader should be keenly aware of all of these talents and what they offer when it comes to fashion landscape.  Each day another approach will be taken in order to offer the broadest of views with regard to what we commoners refer to so simply as “fashion illustration.”  I am very excited about the series as well as flattered and awed by the overwhelming acceptance and grace that was offered during the “collecting” process.

Having grown up in a time when newspapers were in black and white and most fashion advertising in them was done via illustration rather than photo, illustrators have always captured my imagination.  It is of constant amazement and I stand in awe of those who are so ably and abundantly talented to convey a particular vision of fashion by using one’s signature technique and talents.

This feeling, combined with just having read and reviewed Tony Glenville’s marvelous volume on fashion illustration, spurred or reignited my interest in the subject.  Mr. Glenville was kind enough to contribute a quote for this article which pretty must speaks for itself and everyone who appreciates the art form...

I guess the thing is.....How wonderful to see a craft which was written off by many, in the 60's and 70's especially, now enjoying a renaissance. The joy of seeing classic and modern techniques; often combined, an extraordinary range of styles and attitudes demonstrating the magic of line and shadow in fashion illustration in the 21st century. Fashion Illustration still has the ability to enchant and delight.

With this in mind,  it occurred to me that there are so many wildly talented people out there who may not have not have been given  proper recognition or who might be “working” yet remain unknown to so many and so I have culled my “friendships” and come up with a glittering  roster of talent for your viewing pleasure.  The common thread I employed here is how these artists see icons, luminaries or legends of fashion.

Every one of these brilliantly talented artists can be found on their respective websites and every one of them can accomplish the impossible utilizing their well-honed skills of illustration.  The employed mediums are varied and the overall final products are stunning and arresting in their own individual ways.

I have also taken the liberty of pointing out some of the greatest and legendary of illustrators who have either left us their legacies or have moved on to other creative endeavors or mediums.  Each one of them had a recognizable signature and technique that revolutionized the world of fashion and advertising.

This article will be presented in several segments as so many of these prolific artists have offered me their archive and I would be foolish not to share it with everyone; stay tuned for the next couple of days and hopefully  I can open you’re your eyes to the talented artists and their talents!

Contributors include: Marc Antoine Coulon, Mel Odom, Richard Haines, Dan Romer, Joel Woodard, Mitja Bokum, Chuck Nitzberg, Marco Santaniello, Tim Otte, Gladys Perint Palmer, Maurizio Andreuccetti,  Paul B. Elsen, Sue Tait Porcaro, Glen Hanson, Jaff Noel Seijas,  George Stavrinos, Rene Gruau, Antonio Lopez, Michael Vollbracht, Mats Gustafson, Kenneth Paul Block, Joe Eula, J.C. Leyendecker, Tony Viramontes and Barbara Pearlman.


***** New Icons of Fashion Illustration by Tony Glenville... April 2013