Friday, May 31, 2013

St John Resort 2014

Dear Greg,

You know I had been a great fan and supporter of George Sharp during his tenure at St John and then when he left, Greg Myler took over the reins just trashed what George did… shame on you after all it would have been so easy to build on George’s legacy!  I know that every new design regime wants to put their imprimatur on a brand but hell, if you have a great base why not build on it and capitalize on it?

Long story short, and probably a bit too long, it took a few years and you guys to finally find your footing again and so this season YAY... you are back … hopefully to stay!

You know some readers/bloggers/critics have no idea what a HUGE force you were in the fashion business for years nor do they know that you were the number one resource at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman’s and Nordstrom’s.  Well, that ship has long since sailed BUT there is hope and a need for a resource such as the newly imagined St John of the 21st century.

I really would like to extend my congratulations to you and the design team for delivering a beautiful collection that is fashion worthy and savvy as well as wearable, trend driven and to a great degree universal in appeal.  Now, don’t get me wrong and think that I believe this collection can be compared to a Dior or Oscar or Armani but hell, this collection can SELL.  I know it is very unfashionable to discuss sales or salability but you know, you guys might just strike gold here.  It is conceivable that you will win back some clients and even create some new ones but you gotta keep doing what you’re doing and keep your eye on the ball, all of that said, don’t change your design outlook for Spring and go over the top trendoid or underwhelmingly boring… EVOLVE!

You struck the vein that screams wearable and yet has a certain degree of chic and it is this train of thought that George Sharp brought to the collection and now finally you have tapped back in to it.  I am proud to review a collection like this that is merchant oriented as well as consumer oriented and not wildly concerned about “WALI”.. Euphemistically speaking: Will Anna Like It? 

Who cares, money is power and editorials don’t ring cash registers so who’s a winner now?

P.S… you really gotta get the pant lengths straightened out ..some not long enough and  some too long AND get a model that is more humanly proportioned

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