Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pre-fall 2014 .. Oscar de la Renta

Hey!! You fledgling, young and new to fashion … designers, you need to take a lesson here and see how it’s done. Yes... You,  I am talking to you!! Some would argue that Mr. de la Renta is from the old school and those who do observe that stance need to step back  and see why Oscar has out lived so many in the fashion  continuum.


Pre fall chez de la Renta is everything his clients can possibly want; he doles out color, silhouettes, classics, modern, dresses, suits and, of course, knock out gowns and evening wear. The concept of pre-fall is to withstand the test of time on the retail floor and give the client a little bit of wear it now, wear it soon and save it till the weather turns and yes it is all here.


The tweeds span from reminiscent to totally modern, the black and whites from sexy to a bit on the matronly side, the colors are inviting and tempting as well as tried and true. This is the kind of collection that as we once said “rings registers.” My biggest gripes are the below the knee leaning to mid-calf length and the bootie like shoes which offend my eye and upset the balance of the looks, but it is all overlooked when you separate the pros and cons of the collection.


The overview is simple here, the clothes reflect the brand and the clientele, the collection does not pull out all the stops but it is inviting, somewhat familiar and yet has just enough newness to tempt both the dyes in the wool Oscar lady as well as the uninitiated. For some, this may seem odd as there are no tricks and no gimmicks which leave you with pitch perfectly designed clothes for women who want to look fashionable and chic without looking like a victim of some designer’s momentary seasonal whim!


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