Monday, December 16, 2013

Pre-fall 2014 Versace

It is quite clear that “Donatellamamamia” has made up her mind who her customer is as well as who she wishes to attract with her latest fashion foray. Let’s say that she is not the classiest although she must have the bucks and she may not be the youngest but she has the body and lastly she surely does not go unnoticed on this earth!

Signora is  in a but of a conundrum as  Mr. Tisci sort of confiscated a few of these looks before and Mr. Slimane might has utilized some of the proportions for the new Saint Laurent BUT what I can say is that Donatella has used some pretty fabulous fabrications. The bright very Versace prints and the amazing black multi-patterned/collaged coat are standouts here. Her de rigeur pastels are once again present and of course the omnipresent black which always serves up some of the best pieces.

What would be so wonderful is that maybe, sometime, maybe soon ... , “Donatellamamamia” will grasp that short, tight bare and brazen are not the only approaches to sexy and maybe, just maybe, the clothes would be a bit more erotic and seductive rather than fetishized and cliché. OOPS!!! I left out referenced!

One has to assume that Russia is on her mind and maybe parts of the middle/far east but it is hard to tell who will be oohing and gooing over these frocks/shoes/furs and accessories!

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