Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pre-Fall 2014 ... Michael Kors

Okay gang, so let’s talk about blurred lines here! Apparently the idea is everywhere... music, fashion, media and even literature but here we speak only of fashion. For many years, there was a differentiation that separated the main designer collection from its diffusion lines but today we can see that the edges are quite blurred which make it exceedingly difficult to tell which is the real McCoy, Subtract the ingredients of fabrication, place of manufacture, price and quality and there is very little here that is visibly definitive. Think about it!

So, we have reefers, chesterfields, polos, and bathrobes which are requisites for almost every Michael Kors Fall Collection. When the main collection skews younger and is presented in a way that is a departure from its roots and looks more like one of the lesser expensive or mass collections, well then, I say we have trouble or possibly an identity crisis afoot.

So, the good thing is that the colors are great and the mood is relaxed but what’s not great is that the slick and chic factors are absent and what you are left with looks like Jenna Lyons’ wardrobe. This is said in its most literal senses whether it applies to the clothes or her lifestyle. To say the least, this is a very unfortunate set of choices for inspiration for a collection like this whether it is intentional or not. Don’t misconstrue the words, there are great pieces within the collection but the overall look is surely sub-par for Michael Kors.

If one had to hope or even guess, Mr. Kors will pull out the stops for the runway presentation come March and if not, well, there is some form of reexamination and redefinition that needs to be done… post haste! Yes, it is a conundrum when you have 3 very successful collections, 2 of which are supposed to be watered down from the eponymous collection. It might be said here that the job falls onto the merchandisers and not the designer but as we all know… the designer has the last word, even if he is now working for a public company.

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