Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pre-Fall 2014.. Reem Acra .. Monique LHuillier

The 2 designers started in the same place and that was at the altar. Bother were initially known for bridal gowns which eventually morphed to red carpet which eventually morphed into cocktail hour. This is where it all gets sort of blurred as both are superb dressmakers each knows their way around a yard of lace or chiffon but this is also where they hit that fork in the road.

From what can be seen of  Monique LHuillier’s collection, it is safe to say that if “comfort” is her M.O. then she might have overshot the mark here. Again, do not suppose or assume that the collection is unappealing as that is far from the truth but we need to take into account the poor styling and some poor silhouette choices here. While the satin flat is very tasteful, it surely misses the mark with lace gowns, dresses and puddling pants. On the flip side there are fabulously sexy asymmetrical mules and flats that are a 21st century of what Armani did oh so many years ago.  Back to dresses, there is loose sexy and there is loose matronly and Ms. LHuillier hit both ends of the spectrum, but why was there such a shortage of her beautiful, georgettes, chiffons and jerseys?

Reem Acra has been honing her skills for the past few seasons and surely she has figured out how to design great gowns and cocktail dresses. My question is why on earth do you show a collection on a model who is about 2 steps away from rehab or who forgot to brush her hair that day. Then of course, there is that odd booty which made no sense with the clothes. She has steered the collection to sexy and it may have been even more so if there wasn’t such a huge amount of black lace involved. To her credit, she employed a fabulous color palette and for the most part there are some truly beautiful pieces and like Ms. LHuillier, she hit both ends of the spectrum when it came to chic and not so much.

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