Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Giambattista Valli haute Couture fall 2015-6

Feathers and flou and beads.… OH MY! 

Well, kids and this is how one does haute couture. This is how you explore as well as rely on your signatures. This is how you show the world the artistry that only couture ateliers can accomplish. This is a collection that celebrates Giamba’s 10 year anniversary and lays testament to the fact that couture is alive and well especially in the hands of a skilled and deft designer... ya hear that Rif-Raf! Yes, I said it... skilled and deft!

Haute Couture has always been a laboratory for new designs,  new effects and techniques as well as showing the world that you OWN your DNA and boy oh boy does this speak to that premise. Having always been a fan but not always in love with the collections, it is not difficult to see that this is a collection that screams look at me and look what I can do and look what you are missing. There is everything from the wildly embellished to the slickest and sexiest of draped jerseys. GV never skips a beat and never misses a trick while producing a memorable collection that will be envied and spoken of for a quite some time.

There are red carpet moments,  chic and discreet moments and they all speak to the brand. Few designers are capable of such a feat. Few designers have built a repertoire such as this. Few designers dare to be as bold and succeed. This is a high point of the Fall 2015/6 collections and I can tip my hat to this designer who has withstood the test of time as well as so many challenges that face him as an independent solely owned brand.

The clothes speak for themselves! Either you get it or you don’t! Your loss if you don’t!!!!

PS .. it is good to remember that Haute Couture is not about retailing.. it is about huge sums of money spent on clothes for women who can afford their habit!

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