Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture fall 2015-6

Alexandre Vauthier is what one might deem the poster boy of 21st century Haute Couture. He gives  Haute Couture  his  own definition by taking the art and craft of old world couture and applying those techniques and skills to 21st century designing of Haute Couture.

Vauthier in a short period of time has established himself as a sort of rock n roll go to designer with the skills of an elder craftsman. He is ever the tailor... razor sharp and precise. He is always the provocateur. Make no mistake and he doesn’t allow for any errors with what we see as sexy and maybe … very occasionally a bit trashy but always impeccably finished and conceived.

Vauthier, due to his training, IMHO makes him the consummate dressmaker as well as tailor. He can tailor an encrusted coat dress as if it was grey flannel; he can shred it, fringe it, slit it and zip it to perfection. If the truth be told, Vauthier could easy slip into the design position at Versace and most definitely do it with a more focused point of view than exists.

Facts are facts and the facts are that there is a huge consistency in this designer’s body of work as the man embraces his brand’s DNA and each season he shows us how he can massage the genetics of Alexandre Vauthier into a current incarnation. There are too few who are as loyal to their brand as he.