Thursday, July 16, 2015

Michael Bastian Spring 2016 .. menswear

WELL!! Finally we have something to talk about here and that would be Michael Bastian for spring 2016. This is a collection that is at all times “grown up” meaning it wasn’t shown on pubescent looking boys and was not designed with them in mind.

Mr. Bastian deftly proposes clothes that are ageless and yet so age appropriate for anyone between 20 and death. This is a collection about massaged classics and filled with nuance rather than radical extreme designs. The fabrications are just that little bit off center to make them hugely appealing; for instance the banana leaf print that masquerades as camouflage and the flecked suitings. The shoulder button knits, the quilted rifle patches, the so perfectly designed Levi jacket that does not look like it came out of a thrift store. You have to love the classicism as well as the chic of it ... even the somewhat relaxed dishabille attitude of it all works.

Also of particular note as well are the knits which again are just slightly off center of what you might expect and that included textures on a simple white polo shirt or toggles on a “fair isle” cardigan. While we are on the subject, the shirtings and their silhouettes are of great interest. While we are really discussing clothes here, let’s say the overall silhouette is not boxy, not skinny but just right for just about any body shape. There is a slickness and polish here that has been lacking in almost every other collection that has been seen...

Kudos Mr. Bastian! I tip my hat to you …..

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