Sunday, July 5, 2015

Atelier Versace fall 2015/6 Haute Couture

Well gob smacked would be an understatement when speaking of this Haute Couture collection aka Atelier Versace. As far as my eyes can ascertain, the only things Haute about these clothes are the prices and their construction defying designs. Donatellamommamia …WOW!

Clearly the clothes are for occasions that might be less public than a Red carpet and more geared to private parties where satisfaction is the theme of the night. One cannot even be sure who would wear these clothes but without doubt they will be on some so called musical talent sooner than later. These are clothes that SCREAM and do it very very loudly. My question is... what are they screaming? One possibility is . .. How do I get into this dress??

Thematically, there is some odd Jesus or nymph influence and maybe some street walking goddess vision but one can’t really be sure about the what or why or how? Then there are some hippy influences with those “bell bottomed” sleeves and maybe the earth mother head bands but again, one cannot be absolutely sure. There also needs to be some explanation of the Victor Victoria dresses, the half on half off, the vampira thing, the couture tights and of course the ubiquitous platform boots and shoes … 
Maybe it is really all about Woodstock goes couture!

Again... kudos to the ateliers that actually were able to build these dresses as they truly defy any laws of gravity let alone taste. The take away here is simply for a huge sum of money you can purchase a costume which will be fitted to your body and  guaranteed to put a dent in your wardrobe allowance.

PS …  Gianni is spinning so fast that he must be in New Zealand by now… and making a return trip

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