Sunday, July 12, 2015

Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture fall 2015-6

If there is such a thing as a fashion cult, Stéphane Rolland would be its leader or grand wazir. He is one of those designers who expands and explores the avenues of fashion.  His exploration of the art and craft of fashion staggers the imagination as well as shows us that there are designers who still design. He is a rarity that is constantly searching to stretch and further his brand’s DNA. These are not clothes that require blah blah blah but they are clothes that demand notice, examination and provoke conversation.

One of the concepts or questions that Monsieur Rolland conjures season after is season is whether or not fashion should be considered an art form. If you ask me, there is no doubt that yes,  this is as much about haute couture as it is about self-expression and art …  the combination yields fashion.

Without question, the clothes are theatrical and well . .. demonstrative but they are clothes that suggest that they might be collected as well as worn. There are few who can own that accomplishment... Lacroix and Galliano’s Dior haute couture come to mind as well as the more extreme pieces from Yves St Laurent haute couture.  BTW ... take note these are clothes than make an astounding entrance as well as an unforgettable exit.

When clothes or fashion design reach this level of skill and technique, it is not so much about salability or appeal as there is no doubt that the designer has already recognized that his output is not aimed or meant for  universal appeal. He presents a slice of fashion that is too often accompanied by too many words and not enough result or adherence to those words.

Well …. Are you ready to join this sect of fashion or will you remain a spectator? Are you ready to decide if fashion is art?

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